She Births (Birth education course)

We chose to do our birth education through She Births. We just love the holistic approach to birth that She Births education offers and it is the worlds first scientifically verified antenatal birth course. It provides all the education you need if you are wanting to create the most natural birth as possible. I highly recommend it to all my birthing clients!

We did the “in person” course which was unfortunately held on zoom due to Covid but it was still great. You can also opt to do the online version of the course.

I also really enjoy the free prenatal yoga classes that Nadine offers every Thursday at 5pm online to complement and continue the birth education.

Nadine has kindly offered all my clients a 10% discount for anyone interested in the online course or the beautiful belly course.   The coupon code is: melanieolde10

Daysy Fertility Calculator

Looking for a natural alternative to the pill? This is a fertility monitor that helps you to track your menstrual cycle to help you to plan or prevent pregnancy. It has an accuracy of 99.3%! (Thats more than the pill). To use the monitor you are required to check your temperature every morning with this device and it will give you a Red, yellow or green light. Sounds pretty simple huh?

To get 5% off your purchase- just click on the link:

The Water Co Water filters

We recently installed a reverse osmosis under sink water filter from The Water Co in our home because we were concerned with amount of chemicals that can be present in Australian tap water and how it might be impacting our health. Depending on where you live in Australia and your water source (tap water vs tank water) the quality of your water will vary.  We know that chemicals such as fluoride, aluminium, chlorine, and nitrate, other heavy metals, chemical by-products, microorganisms and pesticides have been found in our waters and these contaminants may have adverse health effects.

Tank water on the other hand, may contain other contaminants such as parasites, bacteria, insects, sediment and atmospheric pollution.

We aim to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day so drinking quality water is important and we absolutely love our filter. Initially we were concerned about the price, buying the reverse osmosis but we don’t regret the decision at all.

We ordered the system online and it arrived within days.

To receive a 20% discount on your water filter – all you have to do is mention my name at the time of purchase to get your discount. 

Vegan cookbook and education via a great blog by fellow Naturopath Gemma Davis

A great blog if you are wanting education of how to make cruelty free and sustainable choices with your food and in your home.

Really easy recipes

Typically 5 ingredients or less that are suitable for all diets. This is a really good starting point if you are learning how to cook too!


My New Roots

Simple, delicious and healthy recipes. You also have the option to create shopping lists from the recipes in a quick swipe! She also has a fabulous blog I recommend you join up to also.

Clean and Green

Healthy, simple recipes suitable for the whole family! Great if you need some inspiration and don’t really know how to cook.


Period Tracker

This app is free and so easy to use! If you are coming for assistance with any condition that is hormone related then use this app to start tracking your symptoms. If unsure if its hormonal just log it here anyway. Melanie will help you decipher.




  • Can’t afford to buy all food organic? Here is a list of the top 14 fruit and vegetables that are most contaminated with pesticides. The list also contains the least contaminated fruits and vegetables to help you decide which foods to buy organic and which ones are less contaminated.
  • Mental health line FOR CRISIS (NSW) 1800 011 511
  • Lifeline 13 11 14
  • Headspace (12-25 years) 1800 650 890
  • Mental health online – free access to online mental health programmes managed by Swinburne university.