As a Herbalist, Melanie can mix you up a specialised herbal medicine formulae based on your current ailment. Herbal medicine is made exclusively from plants and traditionally this will be prescribed to you as a liquid tincture.

What forms does herbal medicine come in?

Liquid formulas:  these bitter tasting medicines are traditionally the strongest and most effective way to treat a health complaint. Liquid tinctures have been extracted with ethanol to obtain the active constituents from the plants in order to create liquid tinctures

Tablet or powder: Herbal medicine can be prescribed in tablet or powder form and may also be combined with nutritional medicine where deemed appropriate. Products that are prescribed by a trained herbalist are usually stronger and better quality than those products you can purchase from a health food store independently.

Herbal Teas: Melanie will often prescribe the ingestion of organic herbal teas to compliment and support your health treatment protocol. Herbal teas are great way to ingest herbal constituents to support the body to heal. Teas are not as strong as liquid or tablet preparations but can often be enough to get the desired result (and more enjoyable!).

Ointments/ Creams/ Sprays: Herbal medicine may be combined with a natural base cream/ ointment or liquid to provide symptomatic relief.