Initial Appointment for adult or child (80mins approximately)                $180

Follow up Appointment (30- 45mins) (standard)                                    $115

Follow up Appointment (45 min – 1hr) Long appointment.                     $155

Follow up Appointment (For acute concerns only)          15- 30mins     $85

Any supplements prescribed during a consult are charged per item.

For families: we can arrange follow up consultations based on time needed for each client for a more wholistic family approach to support and treatment.

Telehealth consultations are charge at the same rate and available by appointment. 


Health fund rebates are not currently available through health funds.

Other Information


The initial consultation will be structured in such as way as to understand your health complaints in as much detail as possible. We will also discuss your health history and Melanie will also do a physical assessment, where indicated. These physical assessments can include: Iridology, Nail and Tongue assessment and Blood Pressure testing depending on your presenting concerns. Melanie commonly refers patients for additional assessment’s that are to be conducted between the initial and second consultation.

Initial treatment recommendations are discussed and the development of your treatment plan and program is developed during this session.


Your second appointment is typically scheduled for 2 weeks proceeding your initial consultation. At this appointment you will review any assessments that have been ordered and review your treatment protocol where necessary. This is a chance to discuss any questions you might have and prepare yourself for the changes you are about to make towards a greater sense of health and wellbeing.


Follow up appointments are scheduled based on your presenting health complaint, the duration of its existence and any roadblocks that may have been identified during consultation. Typically you can expect to see Melanie regularly in the initial stages (every 2 to 6 weeks) until your health has stabilised and then appointments booked as needed for maintenance (commonly 1-2 times per year) to ensure long term health and wellbeing.